Energy: This formula has been carefully designed to produce a revitalizing high that uplifts the mind.




Drops-calmingCalming: Our calming blend produces an effective and soothing solution for a relaxed mind after a hard days work.



Drops-focusFocus: Provides the user with a clear mind that promotes attentiveness and concentration.




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Product Description

Compact. Disposable. Discreet.
Introducing the first disposable electronic joint to contain 200 puffs of our distinct K-Puff herbal extracts. This disposable joint uses Cannabis oil that is extracted with Co2, which is much than Cannabis oils that are extracted by other solvents such as butane or ethanol alcohol. Our oil also does not contain any PG (Propylene Glycol) therefore making the K-Puff a much cleaner, more effective, and healthier choice than your ordinary option. We are excited to introduce our three lines of herbal extracts.


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