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What you should be very excited about, however, is the fact that Generation Health makes their own concentrates, including the incredibly rare, and the incredibly flavorful live resin extracts. Essentially, a live resin extract is one where the plant material is cryogenically frozen while it is freshly cut, to preserve many of the terpenes in the marijuana plant. While the THC content of extractions done in this way might take a knock,  the intense flavor profiles from the added terpenes are certainly a plus. The store also produces its own CO2 extractions, as well as standard BHO extractions as well. For concentrate lovers out there, Generation Health has set up “Dab Mountain,” which allows customers to purchase concentrates from several major companies, including Mahatma and 710 Labs. That way, you can try out the store’s own concentrates, and see how they weigh up to the big boys.

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